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MATIANG’I jealously defends police brutality

Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i has defended the Kenya Police Service over blanket accusations and negative publicity which has resulted in an unfavorable attitude towards the police force.

Speaking during an interview, Matiang’i noted that one action of a police officer often leads to the whole police force being castigated.

“I think people are unfair to the police.”

“Ninety-nine percent of our police officers are fantastic.”

“We have one of the most disciplined police forces on the continent yet people think they are the worst people because of one police officer.”

“It does not work like that,” Matiangi noted.

According to the Interior CS, the police ought to be treated the same way as professionals in their industries.

“All those professionals can make mistakes but do we wake up in the morning and condemn them? What I am asking for is fairness, sincerity and balance in the things we do and say.”

“I honestly think that the issue is overplayed and exaggerated and in some cases the blame is unfair,” he stated.

Speaking on accusations of police officers using excessive force against civilians, he admitted that some police officers have occasionally crossed the line when dispensing justice.

However, he condemned their actions alluding that the interior ministry is working towards better engagement and relations with the public. 

He noted that during the Covid-19 lockdown, 16 police officers have been found guilty of gross misconduct.

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