Martha Karua urges Kenyans to oppose BBI.

NARC Kenya Party leader Martha Karua also known as iron lady, has called Kenyans to wake up and face off with those proposing BBI bill at the referendum.

Karua alleges that those proposing the bill were hell bent on distorting the 2010 Constitution to deny Kenyans the democratic right of electing leaders of their own choice in 2022.

Karua who is a member of Linda Katiba claimed those proposing BBI bill were plotting to impose leaders on Kenyans than letting democracy take its course.

Karua who has revealed her ambitions for the gubernatorial seat of Kirinyaga county come 2022. It will be second time the IRON LADY eying the seat. Karua added that BBI will only benefit the big boys and others will continue to suffer.

By: Mikey Mugutsu 

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