Martha Karua is a hypocrite, Senator Abshiro Halake.

NARC Kenya Leader Martha Karua has been rallying up Kenyans to reject BBI constitution amendment bill. She has been claiming that BBI will take away the democratic right of citizens when it comes to electing their leaders of choice.

Martha Karua claims that there won’t be a free and fair election come 2022 during the general election.

However, her opponents are always challenging her by claiming that she took part in rigging the 2007 election which resulted to bloodshed that was witnessed 2007/08.

Senator Abshiro Halake was the latest one to question her determination to push for a free and fair election.

The nominated senator said she was surprised by Karua, who presided over 2007/8 bloodbath talking about free, fair and variable elections.

Karua responded to the senators remark, asking her to point out a specific role she played in overseeing the said bloodbath.

By: Mikey Mugutsu

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