Manzi Wa Kibras’ Mother says that her daughter has really embarrassed her.

Mother to upcoming controversial socialite Manzi Wa Kibra has cried of how her adoptive daughter Manzi Wa Kibra has embarrassed her. The socialite has been giving Kenyan men sleepless nights due to her raunchy photos on social media.

The mother to the socialite has revealed that she took in Manzi Wa Kibra when she was 2 years old, this is after her parents passed away.  She said she couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw her viral photos and how she has bleached.

She further stated she had advised her daughter to change but she has turned a deaf ear to her mothe. She added that it pains her a lot to see her daughter expose her nakedness for the whole world to see, considering the fact that she raised her in a Christian way.

She finalized by requesting her daughter wherever she is to come back home so that they can forgive each other and move on with life.

By: Mikey Mugutsu

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