Man Who Failed To Settle Bar Bills, Tells Court He Was Harassed By Attendants While Spoiling His Woman

A man who checked into a bar and was later joined by a woman has told the court that he was harassed by the attendants before he could pay the bill for drinks, ugali and boiled meat.

He is said to have been arrested at Hacienda Sports Bar and Grill within the Parklands area after he resorted to violence when he was pressured to pay.

Zacharia Wanjia on behalf of the bar reported the case to police after Odera wanted to enjoy more drinks as he treats the whom he was with without being reminded to settle his bill and in a turn of events, he turned chaotic.

Reports have it that Wanjia was at the restaurant that afternoon when Odera checked in and ordered a Gin and Krest soda. He sat at the counter and went ahead to enjoy before a lady joined him two hours later.

Odera is claimed to have ordered the drinks for the lady including food which was boiled meat and Ugali. And both took the meal. Later the barmaid realized that Odera had been making many orders and spoiling themselves without a single payment.

She then calmly approached him with a request of having him pay the initial bill as they continue but he promised to settle everything later.

Four hours later, the barmaid insisted that Odera should settle his bills but unexpectedly he turned violent.

His conduct forced the barmaid to call the police to help them but he did not pay still. He was taken to the police station, booked in and later taken to court where he stated that he was harassed by the barmaid to pay yet he was not done with the drinks.

He was however challenged by the court to pay the money and get his freedom if he was saying the truth but he was unable to.

The court granted him a cash bail of ksh10,000 after he failed to pay the complainant as requested by the court.  The case will be mentioned on October 26.


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