Magistrate In graft case that Wambua was a witness denies asking for more security.

After the death of former National Land Commission Deputy Director of communication Jennifer Wambua, who was a state witness in the graft case of 122m against Lugari MP Ayub Savula and 18 others, there were claims that Magistrate Francis Andayi who is presiding over the case had asked for more security after the death of the key witness, stating that his life was in danger.

The magistrate assured that Wambua`s death would not deter him from proceeding with the graft case. He revealed that the death of Wambua was big blow to the case, but she had already given her testimony and evidence just pending cross examination on Monday before she disappeared on Friday and found dead on Monday.

The Magistrate also caution from people drawing speculation that Jennifer Wambua could have been killed due to being involved in the case.

By :Mikey Mugutsu 

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