Luo men Scramble for Widows?

It’s not news that in most African homesteads, the demise of the sole bread winner, especially the husband or the father will bring sorrows and a fleet of problems will follow suit.

In most of the occasions these sufferings are caused by the left behind and the living relatives. In fact, very close relatives. They shall have gotten an opportunity ya kuchokora walio baki nyuma.

That’s the time most of them will apportion properties of the late undermining the widow and the orphans left behind.

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Some of his items will even start disappearing into the thin air before his burial, some relatives will even afford to exchange blows over the properties, in fact during burial arrangement programs.

Some of the items they’ll fight for includes Shoes, Suits, Chairs, and never forget the widow herself.

The ninjas who eyes for the widow always seat at a distance corner during burial discussions, they don’t talk much, wana smile kwa umbaaaaali waiting to tell the widow, ‘’Nyar loka, don’t cry, your husband is gone but he didn’t leave you alone, we are here, we will take care of you”.

The widow will never know what is called PEACE in their presence especially aunties who acts as catalysts whenever there is any small argument.

The relationship ties will be cut off, most of those who used to come taking caps of tea will in return come back with caps full of problems of different magnitude.

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