Lovy Longomba discloses that he produced music for Jason Derulo and Justin Bieber.

Lovy Longomba brother to the late Christian Longomba has disclosed that he become a music producer in 2016 after his late brother Christian fell sick. Lovy while speaking on Jalang`o TV disclosed that he produced music for big names like Jason Derulo, Justin Bieber among others that the song featured to the nomination of Grammy award three times.

However, he changed from secular and now he is a prophet and he currently lives in Los Angles in the same neighborhood as that of Chris Brown, Akon, Kardashians and Kanye West Calabasas.

Lovy revealed that he made his wealth by investing in the education sector, real estate business and charity work. He said last year he spent 1 million US dollars just to help the community.

He added that life is all about giving back to the community that’s why he spends a lot in charity and it doesn’t make sense to live comfortably while someone else lacks that is not true gospel but witchcraft.

By; Mikey Mugutsu

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