Kiss FM Finally Reveals Jalang’o’s Replacement

Jalango will soon be leaving Kiss FM now that he is vying for the Langata seat. The media personality expressed his interest in politics early 2021 shortly after joining kiss FM for the second time as a morning host.

He however made it known that come 2022 he would be joining politics because he was tired of crying for change – yet he could make the change himself. Well, times up, and soon Jalang’o will be passing his mic to the next radio host – and something tells us that it might just be Dr. Ofweneke.

Well, judging from the latest posts shared on Dr. Ofweneke’s page we understand that the comedian cum event host will be joining Jalas and Kamene for the morning Kiss starting Tuesday 25th till the end week.

Dr. Ofweneke is not only funny but has a way to keep his listeners entertained and eager – which means more traffic for the station.

What is still not clear is whether his chemistry will match that of Kamene Goro.

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