Kirinyaga 18-Year-Old Member Of Outlawed Gang Lynched After Botched Robbery

A young man, aged around 18 suspected to be a member of an outlawed gang called Wîcame within Kutus town, has been lynched by an irate mob.

The suspect only identified as Eric fell into the ruthless arms of mob justice, during a botched robbery, while in the company of other suspects who managed to flee.

The gang had targeted a wholesale shop in broad daylight when members of the public, attracted by the commotion, swung into action and thwarted the act.

“They were several and some of them managed to escape,” a woman at the scene where the man was lynched said

Before lynching him, the public demanded that he gives out the name of other members of the vicious gang.

“This is a warning to the remaining members of Wicame, we are coming for you unless you surrender to the police,” the public warned.

The incident, which has been confirmed by Mwea East Sub-county Police Commander Daniel Kitivo.

“They were three suspects but only one was cornered by members of the public and lynched,” he said

He added that an operation to root out members of the gang from the public is ongoing.

“Most of the members are masquerading as bodaboda riders and are committing all manners of crimes including petty theft, but arrest them so that they can face the law,” the police boss said

The incident has occurred a few days after two other suspected members of the Wîcame gang were arrested by police.

Both suspects who were arrested in possession of bhang, a motorcycle without a number plate and a wooden toy pistol, were below the age of 25.

The notorious gang has been robbing various items from residents who among them include Kirinyaga University.

They have also been accused of raping women.

“They attack and steal laptops, money and anything else they deem valuable,” a resident said.

Amos Gachoki, a resident within the town narrates how he was brutally attacked by members of the vicious gang as he was going about his daily activities.


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