Kikuyu will not accept Raila, Moses Kuria tells Uhuru.

The Gatundu, lawmaker Moses Kuria was speaking in Murang`a county accompanied by other Tanganga leaders and Deputy president, has told President Uhuru, that Kikuyu will not accept Raila.

The lawmaker, claimed that the Kikuyu had accepted Ruto, and won’t accept Raila. This is President Uhuru, decides to endorse, ODM party leader as his successor.

This is likely to happen, since 2018 when the handshake happened the president and the opposition leader have been seen dancing to the same political tune. While Ruto, has been left out and their good bromance with Ruto broken.

The Tanganga brigade, were host in Murang`a county, by the former majority whip, Iringu Kang`ata.The senator of Murang`a , had claimed that there were plans to, to disrupt the Tanganga meeting. He also added that in politics, it is  a matter of persuasion to win masses not violence.

By: Mikey Mugutsu

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