Keroche Breweries Mogul Tabitha Karanja Joins UDA Party

Keroche Breweries CEO Tabitha Karanja has joined Deputy President William Ruto’s UDA Party as she seeks to contest for the Nakuru Senatorial seat in the upcoming August 9th, 2022 General Election.

Dr. Karanja was officially welcomed into the DP Ruto-led hustler movement on Wednesday during a UDA campaign rally at the Nakuru Show Grounds.

Addressing the crowd gathered at the event, the Kerecho Breweries founder hailed DP Ruto’s proposed bottom-up economic model saying it would be one of the solutions to improving livelihoods in the country.

“I want to be the next Nakuru Senator so that I can ensure that the laws we make at the top do not oppress you here on the ground… I have listened to you and I agree that the only vehicle I should use to get to the Senate to represent you is the UDA party,” said Karanja.

She asked the DP to prioritise the creation of a level playing field and conducive environment for business players should he clinch the presidential seat.

Dr. Tabitha further besieged the DP to address the issue of harsh taxation and fully support local industries through  buy-Kenya-build Kenya strategy.

“With those three, money will be in Kenyans’ pockets and we will have no problem,” she said.  

On his part, DP Ruto handed Tabitha Karanja the signature UDA cap as he welcomed her into the UDA party.

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