Kenyan Military to Receive Training from Egyptians


The Kenyan military will be receiving training from the Egyptians in a bid to improve the country’s technological capabilities and defense systems.

This is after a Kenyan military delegation visited an exhibition by Egypt’s Arab Organisation for Industrialisation (AOI) on Monday, September 27.

According to international news outlets, the two nations discussed AOI’s role in enhancing technology, manufacturing and training in Kenya.

Further, they discussed matters of opening a market for Egyptian products in Kenya.

Gen Tawhid Tawfik, the assistant to the head of AOI, affirmed the organisation’s commitment to meeting Kenya’s needs in regard to development projects as well as defense industries.

Tawfik further added that a joint committee would be formed to study the available resources and identify how the two countries would cooperate in the fields of manufacturing.

The Kenyan military delegation praised the automated management systems, training on programmed machines and use of advanced electronic equipment by the organisation.

Kenya has been in cooperation with other countries in a bid to boost its defense capacity.

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