Kenyan Lecturer Charity Ngila Wins L’ Oreal UNESCO Award.

On February 11, 2021, Prof Catherine Ngila and four other researchers were recognized by L’ Oreal UNESCO. This happened during this year’s International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

Prof Ngila, who is currently the acting director of the African Academy of Sciences introduced a water purification method that applied nanotechnology analytical methods.

The innovation is so helpful in purifying water without polluting the environment.

Women who were recognized have great innovations in the field of science. The other four include, Prof Kyojo Nazaki (Japan), Prof Shafi Goldwasser (USA), Prof Franscoise Combes(France) and prof Alicia Dickernstein (Argentina).

Prof Charity Ngila is a former Deputy Vice-chancellor in charge of academics and student affairs at Riara University.

With such recognitions and awards, women and girls around the world are empowered to conquer and achieve their dreams, moreso in the desciplines/fields that were previously thought to be dominated by men.

By: Brian khavalaji

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