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KDF Sergeant beaten to death in Utawala

A Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) sergeant was clobbered to death by an angry mob.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) on the night of December 26 revealed that the 38-year-old soldier was headed home alongside his brother after a night out partying at a hotel in Utawala.

The KDF sergeant is said to have gotten into a confrontation with members of the public who were also enjoying the festive season on their night out.

“Along the way, they came across a couple on a rendezvous and the deceased greeted the lady much to the disgust of her fiancé.

An argument ensued culminating to a stone throwing match pitting the couple on one side and the Sergeant leading the charge on the other,” the DCI said in a statement.

The soldier and his brother overpowered the couple, who then called for help, telling members of the public that they were being attacked by robbers.

A mob of six people emerged, coming to the couple’s rescue.

They clobbered the officer to death while his brother escaped by a whisker.

Detectives have since arrested five suspects in connection with the murder.

The DCI stated that they will be arraigned on Monday, December 28, to answer to the charges pressed against them.

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