Karen Nyamu wants to give Samidoh” KICHWA TU.”

Vocal city politician and Advocate Karen Nyamu and Samidoh are back making headlines again. This after the politician shared a video in which the two seemed to be delightful in each other`s company.

While playfully flirting in a seductive language of lovers. Mugithi star asked if Karen would give him something for Karen to respond with KICHWA TU. This got netizens talking in the comment section wondering what was the nature of their relationship.

Considering some days ago Samidoh had apologized to his wife Edday for being involved with the politician after two women had been involved in an online drama fighting for Samidoh.

Other netizens commended Karen Nyamu for being a relentless woman in search of what her heart wants. Some days ago, she posted a photo of her together with her baby daddy and Deputy President William Ruto. Then followed with a video of Samidoh babysitting their child.

By: Mikey Mugutsu 

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