Karen Nyamu throws insults at Samidoh after rejection.

Karen Nyamu has surpassed the level of forcing issues. The vocal politician has been posting photos and videos just trying to get Samidoh to accept her back.  Last February Karen and Samidoh`s wife was involved in online drama fighting for Samidoh to the point it turned ugly.

The situation was cooled when Samidoh re united with his wife. However, Karen Nyamu doesn’t know how to give up she has been doing everything to get the musician back. Over the weekend she posted of a video of her and Samidoh, through the video, Samidoh was heard asking for something good.

Karen pulled down the video and her posting but the video seemed to have angered Samidoh. Netizens took Karen Nyamu on calling her husband snatcher and family wrecker.

However, to her defense she said that this thing must be shared, the problem is that the man [Samidoh] has no enough balls to face the reality.

By: Mikey Mugutsu 

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