Jubilee to rival ODM in Bonchari By Election.

For sometime we have witnessed Jubilee and ODM stepping down for each other in the various By Election in the spirit of Handshake. 

Those days seem to be over as Jubilee has fielded a candidate in the upcoming Bonchari By Election. Jubilee has picked former Bonchari MP Zabedeo Opore as the one to fly the flag of the ruling party.

ODM candidate is former embattled director of EPRA Pavel Oimeke, who faces graft charges. Jubilee has also settled for Late Yusuf Haji son Abdul Yusuf, as the perfect person to replace his father in Upper House for Garissa Senator.

In Juja late area MP Francia Waititu wife Susan will fly the flag of the ruling party in the quest to retain the seat.

By; Mikey Mugutsu 

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