Jubilee to discipline four Nominated MCAs from Kajiado.

Jubilee Party has revealed it will expel four nominated MCAs from Kajiado. The four are known as Faith Sianka, Winnie  Lanoi, Onesmus Ngogoyo and Lucy Mathenge who were nominated by the party.

When Kajiado was endorsing BBI amendment bill, the four “musketeers” MCAs voted against the bill contrary to party stand.

They were expected to remain to the party, owing to the fact they had been give nomination recently. The Secretary General of Jubilee, Raphael Tuju , asked the MCAs to defend themselves within seven days failure to which the party will take disciplinary action on them.

Last month, the party had also expelled its nominated senators allied to Tangatanga.The six were saved after political parties disputes tribunal suspended the outfits decision.

The tribunal chairperson said that the nominated lawmakers were subjected to unfair trial by the party disciplinary committee.

By: Mikey Mugutsu

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