Jubilee on Its Deathbed

The administrative dramas that are taking shape inside the ruling political party in this country is very indicative of what is to come – a break up. The tangatanga junta has resolved to effectuating fault lines in the hope that it would aid in countering the growing influence of Raila Odinga in the party.

The rift between William Ruto and President Kenyatta continues to widen and threaten the unanimity of the Jubilee party. The infighting started to take shape last year when the pro-Ruto faction of Jubilee protested changes to the party’s National Management Committee members and has escalated quickly in the preceding months.

There is little doubt that Jubilee would soon be history, just like KANU and there are three main issues that would hasten its death. Railaphobia, the defector – William Ruto and the loss of the trust of Kenyans.

Many Jubilee members were disgruntled with the handshake which gave Raila some strong sort of influence in the party. Some of them fear speaking out and the few who did have faced ‘disciplinary’ actions.

William Ruto is unceasingly recruiting from the party’s ranks with those alienated seeking political asylum in his tangatanga camp – so far, aside from the hustler narrative, his best strategy on the build up to 2022.

These developments within the jubilee party epitomises the degree of political intolerance in this country. Dissident party members who dare present their views and opinions are being silenced by the threat of losing their place in the party. In the past few months, many who have shown the slightest demur towards party policies have been warned or turfed out.

This aristocratic manner of running party agendas would alienate more and more members in the coming weeks and they would flock to Ruto’s camp to save their political careers.

Raphael Tuju and the rest of the Jubilee members are confusing party and individual agendas with National ones. In the past few weeks, they have disrupted and taken hostage the senate and the parliament as well as the political environment of the country.

One would not be wrong if he/she describes Jubilee’s government as a mild set of kakistocracy. They have constantly disappointed Kenyans; slowly taking this country to the dogs.

As the ruling party, they are not even close to actualizing the dozens of promises they have made to Kenyans in their last two terms and here they are, busy with cheap politics while getting ready to deceive Kenyans once more.

Faysal Hussein
Nairobi-based journalist and writer covering domestic and regional politics, players and policies. Focusing on the bigger picture in a modern contemporary world.

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