Jalang`o opens up to the lowest moments in his life.

The celebrated comedian and KISS FM radio presenter Jalang`o  is one of the biggest and successful name in the world of entertainment. Despite all his success it hasn’t been a bed of roses for Jalas aka Heavy J baba.

His journey has been of pain and endurance before and even after fame. Jalas revealed that he had to struggle and even wept to God for him just to get an opportunity at Kenya Theatre. He remembered he only got a chance to act when one of the actors missed to show up. He wept to God to get the chance. He added that he used to walk from Mwiki to Kenya Theatre. That used to make him weep and request for a breakthrough.

He revealed that when got an opportunity on the show of late Charles Bukeko Papa Shirandula, that was the breakthrough that he had been praying. That opportunity made him to get known to the public. That made him start his radio career at KISS FM alongside Caroline Mutuku. On the day he received the news of him being employed and on the same his mother called him to inform him of the death of his father.

Jalas says that was one his greatest lowest moments in life. Another situation that was lowest, is when Edgar Obare leaked chats of him and his childhood friends. That was called Jalas Boys club. Jalas says that was one of his lowest moment that made him weep. Since it tarnished his good reputation and claims were false.

By: Mikey Mugutsu

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