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It Is High Time Comrades Became Each Other’s Keepers

There have been a lot of scary stories doing rounds on Tabloids, news sites, electronic and print media, as well as social media. Shockingly, some of these stories are touching on campus going students. Some of them being victims of circumstances.

There has been dialogue on the trendy stories. I’ll use two of them. First, Velvine Mungari and the other one, the Kakamega girl who brutally killed her mother.

One story is about a victim, while the other is about a girl who made another person a victim.

These both stories are sad. For the late Velvine’s case, she was allegedly raped and murdered. On this, comrades can do much so as to prevent such incidents from happening.

Social media was ‘fire’ with discussions around the story of the late. Both men and women were called to put a voice in ending the rape culture. The street bible was open and the scripture read. A comrade for a comrade is what we can all do. 

A few days ago someone told me that as a woman,they are even afraid to go to town for fear of sexual harassment. While this can be seen as being cool with some men, it isn’t. It is thus good to teach fellow comrades the importance of staying in lane with their behaviour.

On the other hand, for someone to kill their loved ones, there is always a trigger. Sometimes it is always about the mental state of someone. I used the example because of this same aspect. That a comrade can be a troubled soul and mind.

Thus, when out here, help a comrade when you can. Talk to him/her. Check on that guy who doesn’t talk much. Call that girl that doesn’t go out often. Read a book together. Some people need some things but they do not know how to seek them.

So from now on, be a brother’s keeper. Be a comrade for another comrade. Maybe you can change the world with those small steps.

By: Brian Khavalaji

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