It is hard for me to re marry; Teddy Josiah.

It has taken four years since the untimely death of Reginar Katar, wife to music producer Teddy Josiah. The Music producer says that he is not ready to remarry. He disclosed that he can’t settle for less than what he had.

Teddy who is a founder of Joka Joka company, a company he established to honor late wife memory. He said that he is building the dreams of great lady who passed away with the wish that her [Reginar] legacy would live on.

Tedd added the reason he hasn’t remarry is that most ladies nowadays are not serious about dating and settling down, this had made it more difficult for him to settle.

He stated women are just ready to have a fling for a moment and good time. In conclusion Tedd said that if it reaches a point that he feels like wants to remarry, he would want someone to build him and not just take from him.

Tedd stated that having a life partner is to have a person that believes in you, not your money, not your status  not material things you own but you as a person.

By: Mikey Mugutsu 

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