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Is it betrayal of the highest order? As woman finds her man with another lady in her apartment.

A lady walked in her old apartment just to find her ex-man with another woman. The young lady maintained her cool and decided to share her disbelief with her Instagram followers through the live session.

The lady was moving from her old place to her new place; however, she could not still believe that her ex-man would choose her old apartment to with another woman. The lady through the live session revealed that she had kicked the man out of her new apartment.

The man who she identified as Treshawn appeared disturbed by whole situation of getting caught. The lady demanded they leave her apartment. As it could be expected the woman was supposed to attack them, but she didn’t she said that she saw no need for it since she had ended the relationship with the guy.

However, she was angered by the lack of respect from his ex-man to bring another lady in her old apartment.

By: Mikey Mugutsu 

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