Is Akothee a member of IIIuminati cult?

Kenyan outspoken musician and business woman has lamented for her family believing that she is a member of IIIuminati cult. In a long social media post, Akothee bashed family member claiming that she had a hand in the death of her sister-in-law and that she drank the blood of the dead sister-in-law.

Akothee said that is with deep sorrow that people she calls family could believe that she was an IIIuminati member and that she could kill her own sister-in-law.

According to Akothee death is inevitable and that no human being has control over it, since today it is here and tomorrow it is there. Akothee urged her family members to stop hating on her success but appreciate it since they have seen how hard she has worked to get to where she is now.

She further wondered why her family seek for her help while they consider her as an IIIuminati member.  

By: Mikey Mugutsu 

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