William Ruto is running out of options; says he won’t oppose BBI.

Deputy President Ruto, has revealed that he will not conduct campaigns against BBI.

The DP said that he has other priorities than to conduct campaigns against. He is focused to empowering the Hustler Nation.

The DP pledged to respect the will of the people whether or not they vote in support of the constitutional amendment in the refendrum. Deputy President sneered at his critics saying the next government will not be formed by tribal leaders.

The DP was speaking in Nandi County. The BBI amendment bill, was endorsed by almost all counties in Kenya and now it is heading for the national assembly and senate.

Then, the common Kenyan will the final say about it, in a refendrum. Ruto is insisting that, BBI is not important at this time. There should other matters of Nation building to be addressed.

By: Mikey Mugutsu

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