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‘I Think Death Forgot Me’ 106-Year-Old Wishes To Die

Most people pray to God to give them many years on earth. According to her, she has done and seen everything she ever wished to see in her life so there’s no point in continuing to live. Euphrasie Kanyundo, a 106-year-old woman, has cried out that she’s tired of living and wants to die. Kanyundo, 106, said death has forgotten her. The worst part of it is her eight children are dead while she’s still alive and healthy. It is always every African parents’ wish not to witness their children’s death and burial. Her husband also died decades ago leaving her lonely.

She said she wants to die because she’s been a problem for her only remaining child, Fidele, 74. She also moves from one place to another by crawling or being lifted by her old son. Kanyundo cannot work; she can’t do anything except eat and sleep.  She is 106 years old but she feels like she has lived 200 years because of how much tired she is. She hates watching people walking around and going about their daily activities while the best she can do is sleep almost the whole day. Kanyundo always asks for rope to commit suicide since death has forgotten her.

Fidele said his mother had tried to commit suicide many times, but he was there to save her life. He said his mother felt so angry because all her children were all dead except him, and she wished to die. She confessed that if God doesn’t take her soon she will commit suicide with a rope that she keeps in her house. Her son tries to encourage her to wait for God’s time but she does not listen to him.

Fidele said he’s happy his mother is still alive and he’s ready to carry her around, despite her wanting to commit suicide. They still want her to be alive and see her live many more years.

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