Huddah`s Thug Advice to women.

Huddah Monroe is well known for her socialite activities, also off lately she has been making trends about her advice to women.

Some time back she advised women to FUNGA DUKA, ie deny men the conjugal rights. Now she has come out with another thug advice to women, saying that if a man cheats on a woman the woman should revenge by also cheating on the man.

As they say tit for tat is a fair game. Huddah stated that women also face temptations, men approaching them every now and then but they choose to remain loyal.

Men must also do the same and respect must prevail this 2021 if not , women should not be reluctant to cheat.

Her advice comes as cases of infidelity rises up the scale leading to many relationships breaking up. Do you agree with Huddah?

By: Mikey mugutsu

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