Huddah Slams Kenyan Celebrities Using Their Kids For Content

Socialite Huddah Monroe has slammed Kenyan celebrities she claims use their babies as props for when they are not trending anymore.

Huddah, in a series of Instagram stories posted on Monday, claimed most celebrities who are washed up in the entertainment scene tend to sire babies to use as fresh content.

She lamented that most celebrity kids who are barely even five-years-old look worn out because of being overworked by their celebrity parents.

 “Didn’t know babies are props when you aren’t trending no more. Get a baby! Some kids look tired out here on SM and they are barely 5. They’ve been overworked! They are exhausted! And the hustle hasn’t even begun. I am glad I wasn’t born in pandemic times coz I can’t imagine my mom tiring me out at 2,” stated Huddah.

The Huddah Cosmetics CEO further said that the celebrity kids who were born during the COVID-19 period have not had any chance to grow up as normal children.

She added that the kids even work more than she does yet she is an adult.

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