Campus Vibez

How to save your money in campus.

1. Live according to your means.

Do not try to live a life that you cannot afford. What you can afford is what you go for. If it is a single room you can then go for it. Do not live life because you see other people’s life, those are not you. Know your place.

2.  Associate with people who have a saving culture.

The best thing you can do for yourself is dissociate yourself from spendthrifts who do not care about your future.

 You will not be young forever and your parents will not always be there. One day you start supporting yourself.

3. Live a discreet life.

You should never disclose anything about your parsonal life to people, not everybody wants to see you prosper. Do your things discreetly.

4. Keep record of your spending.

Learn to put a record of your weekly, monthly spending because it promotes a saving culture and accounts to where your money goes.

5. Do not be stingy.

Don’t be so shy to spend money. If you need something just get it for yourself. It will not cost you. People who are stingy never prosper in life.

6. Open a savings account.

Open a saving account where you can put small bits of money when you get them. With time it will grow into something big and you will be surprised.

7. Avoid debts.

Most people in campus find themselves in a lot of debt. So every time they get money it goes to paying the debts and none is left for saving.

8. Avoid multiple relationships.

Try to find to stick to one relationship. When you are in numerous relationships you tend to spend a lot of unnecessary money in your partners.

9. Do not be lustful.

Lust is the enemy of progress. Appreciate whatever you have and some day doors will open and you will get them. Do not waste money which you could have saved because of lust.

10. Avoid competition with others.

You should only compete with yourself and not others. You will find yourself spending a lot of money just because a friend of yours has bought something and you want to look better than them. Just save the money instead.

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