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Campus Vibez

How to handle the freedom in campus.

When you are in campus this is where you get the freedom to do whatever you want because mostly you live alone. Your parents/guardians are not there to watch over you. In your early 20s is where you can build or ruin your life. You find that most people when they were in highschool they were always restricted to do certain things and now that they join campus they get the freedom and exposure. This is where they let loose. You are now over 18 a young adult who is expected to make his/her own decisions. You can take liquor if you want, have sex or sleep in the club. Here are few tips that you can do to maneuver the hullabaloo of campus and use your freedom for the better;

1. Look for a side hustle.

Anyway I know that getting a job in the 254 can be quite hectic but as a student you can do odd jobs like washing utensils in the small hotels”vibandas”, be a sale agent etc as long as it brings clean money. You got to do what you can to secure the bag we are in the 21st century.

2. Associate yourself with positivity.

This means you should mingle with people you know can help you, advise you appropriately and do not bring bad vibes or introduce you to bad influence. They always say “show me your friends and I will tell you who you are”. You are now a young adult who knows right from wrong.

3. Live your life.

It might sound cliche but while in campus live your life to the fullest because when you get to the outside world you will not get the chance. Remember you are still young “vunja mifupa kama bado meno iko” But enjoy with some limits though.

4. Make plans.

The start of success is having a good plan in life. You should have plans of what you want in future. Plans on how to use your money, plans on places you want to visit and also plans on what you want to achieve. 

5. Have goals.

Goals are what you want to achieve in future. They motivate you to become your best. You need to set your bar high so that when you fall you fall in the middle. Goals are what will make you work hard and smart. They make you stronger in life. 

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