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How to decorate a small space or Rental.

1. Downsize your accessories.

If you are working with a small bathroom, your accessories should stay relatively small too. Try hanging mirrors and sconces.

2. Let there be light.

A small room can really open up with the right lighting.

3. Make use of mirrors.

Mirrors add both additional lights and feeling of additional space into rooms by reflecting back natural and non natural lighting and giving an illusion of more square footage.

4. Go bold.

Small spaces lend themselves very well to bold colours, prints and textures just make sure you mix in some neutrals as well so that you do not overwhelm the room.

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5. Brighten up with plants and flowers.

Adding greenery and flowers to your small space can breathe additional life and style into it as long as you are careful not to over crowd.

6. Divide and conquer.

You can divide up your small space without making it feel too tight by using sheer curtains, room dividers or open shelving to create separate space without cramping up your room.

7. Be resourceful.

When space is limited and you do not want to shop new, bulky furniture, use a chair as a side table.

8. Look for multi purpose/folding furniture.

Furniture that can do double duty will save both space and money.

9. Use large rugs.

Decorating with large rugs gives a sense of grandeur and the feeling of a larger room.

10. Get creative with storage.

Choose furniture items that provide with additional storage solution like ottomans that can store linens and under the bed storage that looks cool.

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