Hon. Mbadi grilled by his ODM colleagues in parliament over Land grabbing.

ODM party Chairman and Lawmaker of Suba East was on the receiving end as his ODM colleagues from Nyanza region accused him of land grabbing.

The drama was spiked after Nyatike MP Tom Odege requested the floor of the House and requested clarification from the Inter -governmental Committee on Administration and National Security on the causes of increased border conflicts in the Utati area that sits along Migori and Homa Bay counties.

Odege alleged that there has been border conflicts in the area that has affected the market days in the Utati area leading to loss of livelihoods.

Odege further questioned the Committee on the measures the Ministry of Internal Security had taken to restore normality in the area. He also termed Mbadi as beneficiary of Nyatike and accused him of being a land grabber.

In quick response Mbadi said the matter is a sensitive and should be treated at most care and soberness. However, he rejected any plans by the committee to go visit the area and have investigate the cause of conflict in the area.

Other MPS joined throwing jibes at Mbadi but Millie Odhiambo told the MPS not to take the advantage of Raila being away to embarrass ODM party in public.

By: Mikey Mugutsu 

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