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You knew it was election time at Oriwo boys when witches who hitherto had never worn shoes suddenly begun spotting well polished albeit form one’s toughees as if their lives depended on them.

And the fun in dorm and class assemblies would without warning vanish into thin air when speeches about lost plates, mugs and spoons are suddenly replaced with quotes of wisdom. Ancient names like Galileo, Isaac Newton and Abraham Lincoln evoked by these soon to be members of the students governing council.

So instead of stuff like, “boys if you entered my locker and scooped (steal) my plate… “

You’d hear things like, “Abraham Lincoln said and I quote, leadership… “

And the incumbents were not left behind in this new surge of change, fear of losing their seats compelling them to evolve their psychopathic selves into compassionate humans with unwavering desire to serve humanity and change the world.

Commencements of the campaigns was the best thing after conner block(ugali). Incumbents would be out there in classes, dormitories, holly forest… With ” if you are not happy with the way the school is running then you must vote for change ! “

But you guys are the ones in power.

“Yes but you must… We will change “

Ati we just vote for them they’ll change, hahaa.

The new aspirants were fine except they were not telling us what they are going to do. They were just running around telling us what the incumbents are not doing.

“Look at him, look at Ogwa ,do you want a school president who eats two blocks “

“Look at Elijah Junior ,he hardly smiles”

Or, ” Look Aneya he’s too short and he doesn’t brush his shoes”

But it’s just block and height is not leadership.

By: Tony Ogwa

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