Harmonize vows to sue Rayvanny and six others for sharing his nudes.

Tanzanian musician and Konde Gang CEO Harmonize has vowed to sue his fellow musician Rayvanny and six other citizens for advertising his nudes on social media. 

A video has been going viral which is believed to be Harmonize speaking to a woman while naked in a shower “akinyonga monkey”. Harmonize has dismissed the video stating that the video is a forgery and has denied having such body features as the ones depicted in the video.

Harmonize has vowed that he will ensure Rayvanny and other six pay him a big fine or jailed because they are ruining his brand name that he built using a lot of money and hard work.

The beef between the two musicians started earlier this year when Harmonize tried to have Rayvanny jailed for being involved with his ex-Girlfriends’ daughter.

Now things have turn around Rayvanny exposing Harmonize for attempting to be in relationship with both the mother and her daughter.

By: Mikey Mugutsu 

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