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Grief Made Me Lose My Memory, Singer Kambua Says

Media personality and gospel singer Kambua shared the passing of her newborn son Malachi Manundu Muthiga Mathu on February 15 and things have never been the same to her.

Kambua has been candid about her healing process noting that while it has been a big lesson for her, at times waves of grief knock her off her feet.

In a recent post on her Instagram, Kambua said a grieving person can be very hard to understand, because truth is, even they don’t understand themselves. 

She asked people to extend grace to any grieving person.

“Extend grace and some more grace. Keep reminding yourself not to centre yourself in someone else’s pain. It won’t always be like this. Ni kwa muda tuu.”

Kambua revealed that after her loss, she became a terrible communicator and has become an extremely forgetful person.

She has also learnt to avoid any triggers like she cannot listen to some songs.

“I am generally not great at communicating, but grief made me plain out terrible at it. I also became extremely forgetful but I thank God for slowly restoring my memory.

There are things I loved that I can’t get myself to do. Songs I can’t listen to, people am unable to be around. So I am being kind to myself. I’m healing.

I’m learning my triggers and avoiding them when I can. It’s called self-preservation. We all grieve differently, and it’s not limited to tears.”

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