Governor Oparanya gives up on the push of BBI referendum.

Chairman of Council of Governors and Governor of Kakamega Wycliff Oparanya who has been on the frontier pushing for BBI referendum to happen has changed ship and said BBI referendum is not tenable.

The governor suggests that the funds that could be used in the BBI referendum to be channeled in the fight against Covid 19.

 Also, the governor said it is not tenable to conduct a referendum just twelve months to the general election, considering the funds that are used in the referendum are just heavy as the ones to be used in the general election.

The Governor decried of harsh economic times that are in the country and also the huge debts the Jubilee government has accumulated.

He said that the BBI referendum will only worsen the situation. Governors’ sentiments come after the BBI parliamentary committee suspended its sitting in compliance with the president order of banning social gatherings which barred Parliamentarians from conducting meetings.

By: Mikey Mugutsu 

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