Government To Pay Former Councilors Ksh.2.6 Billion

Former councilors are set to benefit from a Ksh 2.6 billion windfall in the next financial year, after Treasury accepted to pay them a one off gratuity.

The councilors have been pushing to be paid gratuity and monthly payments that would have totaled to Ksh.22 billion, a proposal that was rejected by the Treasury.

Appearing before the Senate Labour committee, Treasury CS Ukur Yattani however said the councilors would have to wait for at least the next financial year, due to harsh economic times.

According to Treasury, all former councilors who served for more than 4 terms numbering 328, will be paid Ksh.664, 000 each in a one off payment while those who served under 4 terms numbering 11,919 will be paid Ksh. 200, 000 each.

While welcoming the development, members of the Senate Labour Committee decried the fact that the councilors will have to wait for another one year before they get their benefits and that the threshold of four consecutive terms is too high.

“The threshold is too high, because to serve for four consecutive terms is meant to lock out as many councilors as possible, and to imagine that they will have to wait for another one year to get Ksh. 200, 000 is in my view too little too late, and doesn’t speak to any respect at all,” said Kitui Senator Enock Wambua who petitioned the Senate.

His sentiments were echoed by other members of the committee who wanted Yatani to bring a supplementary budget and cater for the councilors who they said many are succumbing to old age and sickness.

However, the CS refused to budge, insisting it’s impossible to make the payments this financial year.

Devolution CS Eugene Wamalwa asked the councilors to accept the offer as given by the Treasury insisting “a bird in a hand is worth 10 in the bush.”


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