Gideon Moi warns his opponents who under estimate him.

Baringo senator who is also KANU boss Gideon Moi has passed a warning to his political opponents who are underestimating him as not being a strong presidential candidate. The senator has revealed that he is not escorting others in the race.

Gideon Moi who is also part of Kenya One Alliance  the newly formed political alliance. Sources have revealed that the Alliance has the blessings of the president and Gideon Moi is the favourite presidential candidate of President Uhuru  Kenyatta.

However, political analysts show that Gideon Moi is not a strong candidate to face Ruto in the upcoming General election and that would give Ruto a win for the presidents’ seat early in the morning.

KANU party has revealed of a well-oiled campaign, to popularize the bid of Gideon Moi presidential bid. The party is currently using BBI to return to limelight of national politics. Gideon is currently having meeting with leaders from different counties to strategize his presidential bid.

A close ally of Gideon has revealed that the leader might exist Kenya One Alliance, if they don’t agree on a presidential candidate.

By: Mikey Mugutsu 

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