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The past few weeks has seen the social media sparked with cut- throat strife between men and women over societal ills like rape that has been on the rise after another woman was allegedly raped and brutally murdered.

These especially escalated after the sentiments made by radio personalities; Shaffi Weru and DJ Joe Mfalme on Homeboyz Radio, which did not sit very well with so many members of the public, especially women.

Many people felt that the remarks of these Radio personality were not only very chauvinistic and patriarchal but also served to encourage rape and other forms of violence on women. This elicited a huge gender war between the two genders with most men appearing to support the radio presenters’ sentiments, while women on the other hand were irked to the core and went up arms in flames, demanding the heads the radio personalities and labeling all men rapists.

See, I get where they are coming from. There are bestial men, yes. This society is rotten, of course it is. How many cases of a man slaughtering his entire family? A lot. How many cases of a woman burning her children because of a misunderstanding between her and her husband? Several. Children are slaughtering their parents and parents doing the same and these just shows how far as a society we’ve fallen. So are the rape cases that are on the rise. The society is rotten; not chauvinistic rapist men, not whoring toxic feminists, the society is rotten. That’s what’s happening.

Now how do we solve this? By resorting to gender wars? Where all women are toxic feminists and all men bestial rapists? Absolutely not.

Should we resort to cancel culture? Where do these people who get cancelled go? Do they suddenly change their ways and become model citizens? Highly doubtful.

The solution is to have a conversation as a society. Rape cases are on the rise, what do we do? Let’s start teaching our boys about respecting women, taking a no for a no, do not feel entitled over women’s body cetera et cetera. And what do we teach our girls? Take precautions Everytime, do not drink with strangers, there’s nothing free in this world; be wary of anyone offering free stuff.

And then we pray and hope there is a forgiving God.

By: Tony Ogwa

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