Ezekiel Mutua defends Rev. Natasha after trolled by netizens for having a Tattoo.

CEO of Kenya Film Classification Board Ezekiel Mutua has defended Reverend Natasha from Kenyans on Twitter after netizens trolled the clergy for having a tattoo.  The clergy posted a picture of herself taking the Covid 19 jab and her tattoo was openly seen.

Netizens were questioning the morals of the clergy; how comes she has a tattoo and the Bible strongly advises against tattoos. Ezekiel Mutua rushed to the clergy defense by telling to turn her back on critics and continue preaching the word of God.

He added that people will always talk and there is nothing you can do to please everyone. Natasha responded by thanking him for the words of encouragement. However, netizens questioned the double standards the moral police Ezekiel was having.

A couple of months ago Rev. Natasha had netizens talking again when she shared pictures of how she was heavily guarded with armed bodyguards. The situation made people wonder how comes a servant of God was this heavily guarded.

By; Mikey Mugutsu 

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