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Expert tips to making walking in heels less painful.

Whether you are a fun of heels or not you might find yourself wearing them at some point so it cannot hurt to have some tips on how to make heels less painful. 

For heels lovers there is no need to stop wearing heels in the name of pain after you read this. You will avoid sore arches.

Here are tips that will change your life forever.

1. Get the right size.

You want to make sure there is space between the longest toe and the end of the show. 

You should not try to squeeze yourself into a shoe that doesn’t fit you just because it is pretty.

2. Choose leather.

When buying shoes, it is important to look at the material it is made of. Leather stretches.

3. Learn how to walk properly.

How you walk in heels should not be the same way you walk in sneakers. When wearing heels always try to walk using the heel to toe method. This will help minimize the impact as well as pain on your joints and muscles.

4. Take some breaks.

You should wear heels only for periods of time and give your feet break. You may try carrying flats with you.

5. Tape your toe.

Taping together the 3rd and 4th toe of each foot reduces the pressure off the ball of the foot.

6. Opt for platforms rather than stilletos.

Platforms provide much coverage and support to the toes hence are very comfortable.

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