Eric shooting his shot at Betty

Eric surprised his fans as he proposed to Betty kyalo on a video he posted on Instagram.

The two have been seen spending quality time together and posting each other for the past days.

 The President of comedy hinted that media personality Betty will be featuring in his show Wife Material season two.

This is yet to be confirmed by Betty herself, but Eric is not wasting time he seems to be marking territory as early as possible by making a move.

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The two could make a good couple since Betty is single mom and President of comedy is in search of his other half.

Eric doesn’t lonely anymore especially at a time like this when love is the language in town, since valentine is here with us.

Eric also said he will be serious with the second season of Wife Material after it was revealed that season one of Wife Material was scripted for the fans of the show stay tune since season two appears to be more dramatic and interesting.

By:Mikey Mugutsu

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