Eric Funga hii duka ya uji tumechoka – Ringtone Apoko.

Gospel artist Ringtone has lashed out at Eric Omondi in a video he released on social media. The musician said,” Eric funga hii duka ya ujinga tumechoka,” Ringtone said he will give Eric three warning then pray then bad things will happen.

Ringtone critiqued Eric saying that the comedian doesn’t respect ladies at all. Ringtone last time had offered ksh 900,000 to the ladies to quit the wife material season one.

Some netizens have critiqued the show saying that it is illegal and should be banned. While some fans of the show seem to enjoy the drama encouraging Eric to continue with the show since it will be the biggest show in East Africa and will take Eric the Tyler Perry way.

Do you think Eric Omondi Wife Material should be banned?

By: Mikey Mugutsu 

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