EPRA announces no change of fuel prices for the next one month.

The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority announced that the prices of super petrol, kerosene and diesel will remain unchanged for the next one month, which will be until 14th May.

Epra released this statement on Wednesday afternoon saying that the pump prices announced in march will remain the same until further review.

Currently in Nairobi, 1 litre of diesel is sold at a price of sh 107.66 while super petrol retailing at sh 122.81, with the same quantity of kerosene selling at sh 97.85.

Following the announcement made by Epra, motorists and commuters feel relieved as it had been anticipated that there maybe rise of fuel prices due to rising of crude oil costs.

The prices of fuel were expected to rise as follows: petrol to increase by sh 4.30 to sh 127.11 per litre while diesel to rise from sh 107.66 to sh 109.96 in Nairobi.  

By: Nelly Itinot

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