Dp Rutos’ presidential bid flopping under his watch together with UDA team.

The deputy president ambition of becoming the next head of state seems to be in shambles. This is seen from the previous by election that have taken place this month.

Ruto has only won one seat and that was the London MCA in Nakuru county. In the just concluded by election in Machakos, Ruto was hopeful of clinching the seat but lost greatly to the handshake candidate Agnes Kavindu.

This was massive defeat considering the fact that Johnstone Muthama who is the chairman of UDA, a party believed to be DPs party comes from the area.

Muthama had promised to deliver Ukambani region to Ruto. From the results it could be seen Muthama is nowhere close in delivering the region. Ruto is in dilemma not knowing what else too do.

Could the problem be Ruto is lacking regional political kingpins who could influence the region blocks to cast votes for him or his candidate in the by elections and coming general election.

Ruto only has young politicians who haven’t gotten the massive influence in their regions, compared to his opponents who have great influence in their region.

By: Mikey Mugutsu 

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