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Don’t Call Me ‘Kamwana’ Again: Uhuru Pleads With The Public.

President Kenyatta says he is approaching old age and should no longer be referred to as Kamwana (a young, energetic man).

Addressing members of the Boda Boda Safety Association of Kenya (BAK) at Pumwani Social Hall, Nairobi on Friday, Uhuru jokingly said those who still call him Kamwana should know he is about to attain the age of 60 years.

“…I am approaching 60 years and people still refer to me as Kamwana. Kamwana inafaa kuisha bana (We need to retire that name,” Kenyatta said.

He explained that the fact that he can no longer be able to traverse the country like he used to do before proves he should proceed to retirement.

Kenyatta added that every person should appreciate growing old and plan for the sunset years while enjoying their youthful life.

“Who else can raise Sh980 million every day from their sweat like you guys. There is nothing that you cannot own as young people. You can start your own petrol stations and can negotiate. Investors will then chase after you unlike vice versa,” he advised the boda boda riders.

“My advice is to tell you to leverage your numbers…look at things not in an individual aspect, but from a collective point of view. At times you’ll have to make unpopular decisions hence the reason why I came with a lean team. But always think of yourselves first and be careful not to be swindled based on political grounds,” he added.

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