Don’t be fooled by social Media Bahati and Poze come clean about their beef.

 For so long , their has been rumours  about Bahati and willy Poze beefing.Reality the artist are good friends the artist are just showbiz.

This was revealed on a video where the artists were having a good time teasing each other.Willy paul was mimicking bahati’s singing syle reffering him to a cat because of his voice.In the video dk kwenye beat was among them teasing each other.

Nand breaks up with longtime boyfriend Billnas

Famous singer and songwriter Nandy broke the news to her Instagram that she has broken up with Billnas.

This comes after an unusual solo performance with lingala musician Koffi Olamide.Nandy has not been open about her state of relationship since losind her engagement ring in fracas.

By: Mikey Mugutsu

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