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Does age really matter in dating?

When it comes to dating, there are a few unspoken rules about what is and isn’t an acceptable age gap between partners. Dating someone who is your age or a few years younger or older is considered normal. Dating quite an old person, your intentions might not seem completely innocent. Romantic couples with a huge age gap usually raise eyebrows.

In Africa about 30% of unions reflect a large age gap.

Here are the reality about this issue:

1. The age of your brain matter.

Our brains develop until the age of 25 years old. So it means if a 28 year old is dating a 22year old whose brain is still developing it means there is a chance that he/she might change which could impact the relationship.

2. It is more about lifestyle than life experience.

How a person spends his/her time matters most when it comes to selecting a partner. The only negative thing about dating with a big age gap is that when the woman is younger she still wants to party and is not ready to settle down. The man does not want to rush her but also suffers through the process for her to catch up to him in terms of wanting commitment.

3. Learning from each other is key.

A good thing about dating some born a different era than you is that there is room to learn. For instance dating an older person can equip you with knowledge, experience and wisdom. On the other hand dating a younger person can invigorate you and allow you to have fun and grow in different ways.

4. Love is not all you need but it matters most.

At the end of the day it is the connection you have with the other person that counts more than numbers in their birth certificate. What matters is what your partner makes you feel when you are with him/her. 

Traits that make a relationship work like acceptance, understanding and being able to compromise and let go has nothing to do with age. It is more of a personality and personality tends to be consistent throughout a lifespan.

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