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Does a degree/diploma really matter?

Only about 60% of students make it to their graduation and get a bachelor’s degree. This doesn’t mean 40% ended badly.

In today’s fast paced world, higher education does not promise success.

A great definition of that is that plenty of innovators never had a diploma or degree e.g. Oprah   who started her Tv career at the age of 19 years. Mark zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard university to work on his Facebook project. Bill Gates, Michael Dell and Steve Jobs are all dropouts.

 The point is not to declare university/college degree antithetical to launching a high tech juggernaut but to observe that perhaps higher education is not essential to effective entrepreneurship.

Online learning provide a fairly generalized education. Today there is a huge number of online platforms that can help you develop certain skills because sometimes it is unnecessary to spend 4 or 5 years studying in a university or colleges. Bill Gates and Julian Assange learnt programming language from textbooks.

Education according to the dictionary is the gradual process of acquiring knowledge. Education seem overrated because what we expect is greater than what we actually receive.

So many people confuse between schooling and education. Education is not overrated but schooling most definitely is. Schools do not necessarily produce educated people.

An example is a computer science degree does not make one a good programmer. There is a difference between getting an A in gymnastic class and winning a gymnastic competition. Great knowledge is not the same as great skill.

Did you go to university/ college? Do you know any successful stories of people with no education? Be sure to leave a comment in the comment section.

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